Winthrop Corey’s Snow White


Montana Ballet Company Snow white PosterMontana Ballet Company presents the Bozeman premiere of Winthrop Corey’s Original Snow White, with live music!

Willson Auditorium

Saturday, February 25, 2017, at 4 pm

Sunday, February 26, 2017, at 2 pm

For tickets, please contact Montana Ballet Company or visit our Tickets page. All seating is reserved.



It is early morning and Snow White’s stepmother, the Queen, is strolling in the garden. She climbs to her balcony, where the Magic Mirror awaits her. She asks the Magic Mirror, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Each time the Mirror replies, “You are.” Satisfied that her beauty is still the fairest in the land, the Queen departs.

As the sun rises, friends of Snow White enter the garden to celebrate her 16th birthday. Snow White sees them from the balcony and runs to greet them. They all dance and celebrate with baskets of flowers the friends have brought to Snow White.

Suddenly a Prince arrives bringing Snow White a special birthday gift, a hand mirror. Having never seen her own reflection before, Snow White is quite taken with this gift and is enamored by the Prince.

The Queen has been watching from the balcony and is furious that Snow White has now seen her own beauty. The queen asks everyone to leave and takes the hand mirror from Snow White. Returning to the balcony, the Queen asks the Magic Mirror again, “Who is the fairest of them all?” This time the reflection in the Magic Mirror is that of Snow White.

The Queen calls the Huntsman and instructs him to take Snow White into the forest and see that she never returns, bringing back proof of the deed to the Queen in a special box. The Huntsman follows the Queen’s orders, but he is unable to harm Snow White. He tells Snow White to run away and never come back.


Snow White runs through the forest until she is exhausted. She lies down by a tree and falls fast asleep. The forest wood nymphs appear and dance through the trees. The Queen of the Nymphs arrives and awakens Snow White.  The Queen Nymph leads Snow White deep into the forest and then tells her to continue on and she will discover a cabin.



Act II opens with Snow White finding the cabin and since no one appears to be home she enters to find it in disarray. She begins to straighten up and clean, hoping that the ones that live here will let her stay. Tired by all her work, she falls fast asleep on the bed.

The dwarfs return home from the mine where they have been working all day. When they enter their cabin, they see that everything is in order and wonder how this could have happened. They eventually find Snow White sleeping in their bed and ask her who she is and why she is here. Snow White tells them how the Queen wanted her dead. After a brief conference, the dwarfs ask Snow White to stay with them.

The next day the dwarfs return to the mine for a full day of work, leaving Snow White alone in the cabin.


The Queen anxiously awaits the return of the Huntsman with the proof that Snow White is dead. After receiving the special box, she returns to her balcony and discovers that she has been deceived. She formulates a plan to disguise herself as a beggar woman and take a poison apple to Snow White.

When the Queen arrives in disguise at the cabin, she finds Snow White alone. Snow White sees how frail the beggar woman is and asks her to sit, offering her a drink of water. Grateful, the beggar woman offers Snow White the poison apple. Taking the fateful bite, Snow White falls to the bed and appears to be dead. Thinking she is triumphant, the Queen flees the cabin, running through the woods back to the castle, feeling assured that she is once again the fairest in the land.

The dwarfs arrive home and find Snow White lifeless on the bed. Heartbroken, the dwarfs surround the bed with flowers.

The Prince appears in the forest and the dwarfs lead him to Snow White, where he declares his love and kisses her farewell. Slowly Snow White awakens as the Prince’s kiss has broken the evil spell.


The Prince and Snow White celebrate their wedding and live happily ever after.

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