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    Carolyn Williams is the founder and owner of Zephyr Cycling Studio, Bozeman’s only dedicated indoor cycling studio. Born and raised in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota, music and movement have been constants in her life since her first piano lesson at age 5. Carolyn went to school and worked in New England and New York City before returning to Montana in 2016 and founding Zephyr in 2017. Zephyr itself is a space for connection, wellness, transformation, and rejuvenation, and Carolyn and her team have strived to create a space and community in which every person feels welcome and uplifted by the rhythm-based, music-focused and motivational classes they take. When she’s not at the studio, you can find Carolyn hiking, walking, or cross country skiing with her two dogs. She can hardly believe her good fortune to be back in Montana doing what she loves the most every single day and to be working with Montana Ballet Company.

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