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All of us at MBC extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who attended our premiere of Cinderella. We will announce our Spring 2019 Production shortly. Please check back soon.


Cinderella lost her mother when she was young and her father remarried. Following her father’s passing, Cinderella found herself alone with her Stepmother and two Stepsisters, reduced to a life of drudgery, never-ending chores and tending the hearth and cinders.

Act I, Scene I (The Kitchen, Cinderella’s Home)

Cinderella awakens in the morning by the hearth, seeking warmth after a cold night. Her Stepmother enters, followed by her two Stepsisters who are quarreling over a scarf. Exasperated, Cinderella’s Stepmother ends the argument by cutting the scarf in two and the ill-tempered sisters begin teasing Cinderella, as they usually do.

A messenger from the Prince arrives with an invitation to a Grand Ball. The two Stepsisters are overjoyed, but make it clear that Cinderella is not invited.  Cinderella pleads with her Stepmother to let her go, but is refused. A mirror brings Cinderella back to reality – she sees her ragged dress and sadly realizes she couldn’t possibly go to the Ball looking as she does. Her two Stepsisters begin to taunt her and make her do all the chores at once. Shortly thereafter, a beggar woman appears, asking for alms. While the others ignore her, Cinderella offers the woman a piece of bread – all she has.

The time comes to prepare for the Ball and the Stepsisters try on all sorts of gowns, fighting over each dress. A Dancing Master is summoned to teach the two sisters the proper way to dance, but the lessons end in disaster. Nevertheless, preparations are completed for the Ball and the Stepmother and Stepsisters finally depart.

Act I, Scene II (The Seasons)

Left alone, Cinderella dreams of attending the Ball, her broom becoming her prince. Suddenly, the old beggar woman reappears revealing herself as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.  The Fairy Godmother summons four Fairies, each representing a Season, to prepare and dress Cinderella for the Ball. Fairy Spring presents a pair of glass slippers; the Summer Fairy bestows a gossamer dress; Fairy Autumn offers a pumpkin that magically transforms into a coach; and the Winter Fairy brings a jeweled crown glistening like icicles.  Dressed and ready for the Ball, Cinderella is truly the fairest in the land.

Before leaving, the Fairy Godmother warns Cinderella that she must leave the Ball before the clock strikes midnight, or all the magic will fade and she will return to her rags. She tells Cinderella that she will be reminded of the approach of midnight by twelve elves, each representing the hours of the clock. Cinderella promises to return home on time and is whisked off to the Ball.

Act II, Scene I (The Ballroom of the Prince’s Palace)

Ladies and gentlemen at the Ball dance elegantly. The Stepsisters arrive, attracting attention as they awkwardly imitate the manners of the other guests.

The Prince arrives, greets his guests, and ascends the throne. As the Ball continues, enchanting music is heard as Cinderella enters. She is so lovely that everyone mistakes her for a princess, even her Stepsisters. The Prince is captivated by her and asks her to dance. He presents Cinderella with oranges – a rare and coveted gift in his kingdom. Moved by the envious glances of the Stepsisters who do not recognize her, Cinderella gives the fruit to them. All the guests depart, leaving Cinderella and the Prince alone to dance and declare their love.

The guests return and during the festivities, Cinderella forgets the Fairy Godmother’s warning. The clock strikes twelve. Terrified, Cinderella flees the palace leaving one of her glass slippers behind as her rags reappear. The Prince, pursuing Cinderella, finds the slipper and vows to find his new-found love.

Act II, Scene II (The Kitchen, Cinderella’s Home)

Cinderella awakens again by the fireplace recalling the splendid Ball and dancing with the Prince. She decides it must have been a dream until she remembers the glass slipper. The Stepsisters enter and boast about their conquests at the Ball.

The Prince soon arrives seeking the young woman who lost the slipper. Both Stepsisters try in vain to force their feet into the slipper. Even their mother tries her luck. As Cinderella kneels to help her, the other slipper falls from her pocket. The Prince realizes that this humble servant is the beautiful princess from the Ball.  The Prince and Cinderella celebrate their reunion and depart to live happily ever after.

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