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Proud supporter of the Montana Ballet Company

**Pictured above: Lead ADP Instructor, Karen Smith, teaching class

Montana Ballet Company has created an Adaptive Dance Program (ADP) inspired by a successful program established in 2002 by the Boston Ballet and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Our Adaptive Dance Program is designed to provide creative movement and introductory ballet instruction for children ages 5 – 12 with Down syndrome. Classes are taught by Montana Ballet Company Faculty, who have attended a training on working with individuals with Down syndrome, in conjunction with Board Certified Physical Therapist, Kelsey Wadsworth, of APRS Physical Therapy, and live Percussionist, Kristopher Olsen.

MBC Faculty members provide a safe, thoughtful and nurturing environment for students to develop a lifelong relationship with dance. Students are provided clear expectations and learn dance etiquette, or how to behave in a dance studio setting. Students explore, learn and practice creative movement exercises to diverse musical rhythms. In addition to these artistic and health benefits, students have the opportunity to master movements specifically tailored to their ability, thereby enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It is our goal that each student has an empowering mastery experience.

Through creative movement and introductory ballet instruction, other areas of focus are the enhancement of, among other things, motor coordination, balance, posture, paying attention, following directions, cooperation with others, taking turns, and music appreciation.

Our Adaptive Dance class will conclude with a performance as part of our Academy’s Annual Showcase. Students may also have the opportunity to perform at other local venues and events.

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