Guest Artists

  • WanTing Zhao
    WanTing Zhao San Francisco Ballet
  • Wei Wang
    Wei Wang San Francisco Ballet
  • Emma Von Enck
    Emma Von Enck New York City Ballet
  • Sebastián Villarini-Vélez
    Sebastián Villarini-Vélez New York City Ballet
  • Malena Ani
    Malena Ani Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Kuu Sakuragi
    Kuu Sakuragi Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Ilse Smith
    Ilse Smith Ballet Palm Beach

MBC Company Dancers 2022-23 Season

  • Maya Moody
    Maya Moody
  • Hannah Gibson
    Hannah Gibson
  • Sophia Hallengrogg
    Sophia Hallengrogg
  • Gloria Hofstad
    Gloria Hofstad
  • Dulcinéa Johnston
    Dulcinéa Johnston
  • Maya Merante
    Maya Merante
  • Katherine Neubauer
    Katherine Neubauer
  • Emmie Shockley
    Emmie Shockley
  • Gisèle Smith
    Gisèle Smith
  • Luna Walton
    Luna Walton
  • Ellie Chu
    Ellie Chu
  • Neve Howe
    Neve Howe
  • Aleksandra Kobacka
    Aleksandra Kobacka
  • Kassiani McFarland
    Kassiani McFarland
  • Cesilia Mills
    Cesilia Mills
  • Claire Murphy
    Claire Murphy
  • Bria O’Connell
    Bria O’Connell
  • Kendall Opsahl
    Kendall Opsahl
  • Allegra Smith
    Allegra Smith
  • Audrey Stark
    Audrey Stark
  • Naya Talarico
    Naya Talarico
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